Top Notch Hearing Aid (Single Ear)

We are committed to delivering your “Best Possible Hearing”! In order to do that, we only offer the latest technology from the best hearing aid companies in the world. The same hearing aids you could expect to find at your local provider, but for less.

Your hearing aids will arrive pre-programmed to your specific hearing loss and ready to wear. Through our “Virtual-Office-Visits” and remote programming, we can fine-tune the settings to maximize your hearing pleasure.


Technology Descriptions

Top Notch: This level of technology offers the best performance in all situations, even noisy environments. Narrow-focused, speech-tracking directional microphones combined with the most channels for precise noise reduction and speech enhancement make the speech “pop-out” from the surrounding noise.

2nd Tier: A noticeable improvement over the lower Technology, these hearing aids are designed for those who don’t go out often but need a little extra help when they do.

3rd Tier: Fantastic in quiet to mildly noisy environments, these hearing aids are ideal for those who spend most of their time at home.



All technology levels include

Wireless Bluetooth Streaming: Turn your hearing aids into wireless, hands-free earbuds so you can hear directly from any Bluetooth enabled device. This feature raises your enjoyment of your hearing aids from merely “liking them” to “absolutely loving them”.

Virtual Office Visits: Remote programming allows you to have your hearing aids fine-tuned from the comfort of your home just as if you were in the office. All you need is a smart phone with internet access.



When selecting your color, choose the description that is the closest match to your hair color.


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  • $1,900.00

Would you like to add an accessory?

  • Mobile Battery Charger for Rechargeable Hearing Aids - $100.00 (details)
  • Mini Charger for Rechargeable Version - $100.00 (details)