Why should I buy my hearing aids from Top Notch Hearing?

Top Notch Hearing is dedicated to helping you achieve the best hearing available to you at the lowest cost. Learn more here.

What is hearing loss?

Hearing loss results in an impaired auditory system, with 90% of hearing loss occurring in the inner ear. Learn more about hearing loss here

How does this work?

1: Have your hearing tested by a local audiologist or Hearing Aid Specialist.

2: Send us your hearing test (audiogram) results. You can do this by email, fax, or snail mail.

3: Select and purchase your hearing aids. We can make recommendations or answer questions.

4: Sit back and relax! We program and ship your new hearing aids - optimized for your specific needs and ready to wear!

Learn more here

How do I get my hearing tested?

Get an appointment with a local audiologist, or hearing aid specialist. Audiometric testing needs to be done by a professional to rule out any medical concerns and to provide an accurate assessment of your hearing needs. Read more here.  

What is an audiogram?

An audiogram is a diagram of your hearing capabilities. To better understand your audiogram, click here to learn more.

How can a hearing aid improve my hearing?

Modern hearing aids have many new capabilities. We outline them here

Can I connect my hearing aid to my phone or TV?

In short, yes. Some hearing aids will connect directly to your phone, while some will require a separate device. We describe these features in detail on each hearing aid page. 

Which hearing aid is right for me?

That depends on your specific needs. We're happy to talk you through the available options and make a recommendation tailored to your needs. Contact us for further assistance.

What are technology levels?

Hearing Aids brands will have a minimum of three technology levels (Good, Better, Best). Each increase in technology will have more features and improved performance of those features. Tom explains more about hearing aid features here.

As a first time hearing aid user, what should I expect?

You likely lost your hearing over a long period of time. Using hearing aids will be an instant change, and will take some getting used to. In this video, Tom tells you exactly what to expect when you start using your new hearing aid. 

How do I care for my hearing aid?

Click here for information on changing your batteries, replacing the dome, and cleaning the wax guard. 

Can I order without a hearing test?

You can, but we recommend against it. 

What are your terms of use, and the bill of sale?

Click here for details relating to Bill of Sale.

Why do you require a signed FDA/medical waiver and/or a HIPPA release form?

Our goal is to keep you safe. It is true that the FDA removed the requirement of a signed medical waiver, but when you consider the fact that we are engaged in remote programming of your hearing aids, we at Top Notch Hearing believe it is still in your best interest to read and understand any potential causes for concern as pertaining to your hearing.

In the unlikely event that we need to discuss any details of your hearing loss with the manufacture, medical professional or family member, we are required by Federal law to have a signed HIPAA release form on file.