Hearing Loss

Approximately 10% of the US population have a treatable Hearing loss. For more than 90% of those people, the only treatment option available is Hearing Aids.

However, hearing loss is more than just a reduced sensitivity in sound perception. It is often accompanied by an increased sensitivity to loud sounds, as well as an increasing reduction in the ability to process the sounds you can hear.

There are three parts to the auditory system: the ear, the auditory nerve, and the acoustic imaging center within the brain. Within the ear, there are also three parts: outer, middle, and inner -- 90% of all hearing loss occurs in the inner ear.

Hearing loss is often accompanied by both increased sensitivity to loud sound and a reduction in speech understanding. Simply raising the volume of sounds around you isn’t enough to help most people with hearing loss. Modern hearing aids can distinguish between sounds and amplify the sounds you want to hear while reducing the noises you don't. How? Learn more about hearing aids